Sunshine Regal Pro 3 Burner Gas Stove Toughened Glass Cooktop Manual Ignition Original price was: ₹12,995.00.Current price is: ₹6,999.00.
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Sunshine Olympic Silver 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stoves Manual Ignition Original price was: ₹22,295.00.Current price is: ₹17,836.00.

Sunshine Meethi Angeethi Pro 3 Burner Gas Stove Manual Ignition


Original price was: ₹16,795.00.Current price is: ₹13,436.00.

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In olden times, meals had fulsome flavours and melting tenderness. Cooked over the low-slow heat of coal, you could feel the presence of each spice separately in all the dishes. Those meals, truly, were the definition of taste. Fortunately, you can have all that burst of flavour and juicy texture in your everyday meals, minus the hazards of cooking with coal. That’s the promise of Sunshine’s new range of fusion stoves. Topped with lava stones, these stoves combine the features of traditional Indian Angeethi and the hassle-free management of the modern cookware. With Sunshine, bring the old magic of flavourful slow cooking back into your life. The slow cooking method is not only ideal for excellent culinary experiences, but it also cooks the food without damaging the vital nutrients. The low temperature keeps all the healthy elements intact and absorbs excess fat and harmful grease. This way, you can keep blood pressure and diabetis under control. And yet, that’s not all, with Sunshine’s Meethi Angeethi, you never have to fear the food getting burnt! Meethi Angeethi is also good at multitasking. Whether it’s an open-air barbeque party or a cosy family dinner, this will work just fine for you. Get more time for life and simplify cooking.

Welcome to the smart kitchen


  • Sunshine brings smartness in your kitchen. With future-ready features, these fusion stoves will not only make life easier for you but also add that extra zing in your cooking.


Green solution


  • The lava top is an alternative to coal, yet it bypasses all the hazards associated with cooking with coal. Lava also retains consistent temperature and reflects heat, thus saving energy.


Organic cooking


  • The low-temperature cooking retains all the delicate ingredients and makes the food flavourful. This also makes them easy to digest.


High on health


  • The low-slow cooking makes all the dishes healthy by absorbing extra fat and grease. With Meethi Angeethi, now you have the control over health problems like blood pressure, weight gain, cholesterol and other related conditions.


Lifetime Durability


  • The lava tops of the stoves come with a lifetime durability. While the heat-conserving quality of lava saves you energy, the tough structure saves you money and maintenance troubles.


More joy, less jostle


  • As the slow cooking method never burns or damages food, you can enjoy doing other chores and have time for fun.


Find the entire range of Meethi Angeethi on Sunshine Kitchen Appliances collection; the variety will suit all your needs as the delightful prices will fit your pocket.



It is universally agreed that the best way to foster flavors and retain food value, the way to cook is slow. There are 3 main reasons why you should make time for slow cooking. Firstly, you boost your flavors and do your food justice by saving its nutrients by allowing it to cook in their own juices and infuse flavors beautifully. Secondly, you save time with slow cooking; you can explore slow cooking recipes and try techniques like stewing by putting all ingredients in a pot, set the time and walk away. You can create mouthwatering dishes whilst at work, running errands or spending time with family. This leads to the third benefit of making flawless food packed with flavor. It is difficult to go wrong with slow cooking; the low cooking temperatures make it tough to burn, overcook or scorch your meal. In fact longer cooking times bring out the savory flavors from the various ingredients.

Super LPG Appliances brings to you an innovative fusion of the traditional angeethi and a modern kitchen stove. It intelligently avoids the hazards associated with the coal based angeethi while retaining the benefits that come along with it. Its unique design has the power to enhance the food value by absorbing excess fat and grease. It can also be used for barbecuing at home without the conventional smoke hazards. The lava burner saves energy by retaining and radiating heat for consistent cooking. It is an effective and organic way to cook as it reduces blood pressure and controls diabetis. The cherry on the cake is the lifetime durability of these amazing lava burners guaranteeing performance and good health for you and your family. Get Sunshine in your life.